Most investment projects need a detailed research and preliminary project survey to determine the efficiency of the project in order to justify the investment. We help our clients launch the best – informed business enterprises. We prepare effective project schedules, normative procedures, procedural requirements, parameters of building, overall survey of the real estate/territory, basic plan research, project analysis, preliminary financial valuation, fees and legalization expenses, investment plan strictly corresponding to the preliminary project.


         „ARCH-FLO“  LTD has prepared a considerable amount of town structure developments, numerous Amendments to Building Plans, regulation and building plans, Communication and Transport Plans related to our projects, and others. We believe that Town structure planning is of key importance to the good living in the public environment and the public communications closely related to the project context, the climate and the cultural features of the territory.


        Our architectural project pool shows a wide variety of projects – cultural, educational and medical treatment buildings, conference and sports buildings, bank, office and business buildings, industrial buildings and warehouses, hotels, residential cooperative buildings, houses, Spa centers and many others. Our efforts are devoted to achieving a creative and intelligent result for each one of them by actively cooperating with clients and experts – from the constructing and installation engineers to the main contractors and suppliers. Most of our projects were awarded through tender contests and have received prizes.


           We pay special attention to each interior design project to create spaces, both harmonious and practical, all the way to the most minute detail. Having a particular passion for design, „ARCH-FLO“  LTD has successfully realized projects for design of interior spaces – a symbiosis of all possible different approaches – artificial and natural light, furnishing floorings and surrounding elements,  and others. We always work closely with the client to ensure that the vision and detail synthesize his/her ideas and the best results have been achieved.


            For most of our clients we perform a full preliminary project survey for particular properties / territories, including regulation and town structure status and the future possibilities for building, electricity supply, supply of water and sewage, metropolitan networks and underground cadaster, heating supply and gasification, the provision of telephone and other means of communication. Owing to these services, upon acquiring the title to the real estate, the client may adequately prepare the preliminary investment analyses and strategic planning, based on calculations of the market evaluation, the initial price of the project and the future potential.


           The development of our projects and supervision during their performance are just as important as the design itself. We devote a great amount of attention to the tender documentation, the selection of the main contractor, subcontractors and suppliers, as well as to the management of the construction process. Monitoring of building prices is of great importance. All projects must be completed within the predetermined budgets and we are flexible in terms of the requirements and situation of the market circumstances. Some of our clients appoint us for project managers of construction, reducing the budget spending by assigning only subcontractors and suppliers for their projects.


           We have a wide range of imaging tools of the highest professional quality. In our practice we employ miniature models, CAD drawing, 3D visualization, realistic 3D photomontage, animation, truly assembled animations, graphic design and multimedia presentation. Our purpose is to give our clients an optimally realistic idea about the project.